1. Registration.  Only those who have been accepted into a program are considered students of MBTS.  Students therefore must make sure they have received a letter of confirmation concerning their student status.  Please see the Registrar concerning your student status.
  2. Payment of Fees is a pre-requisite for maintenance of student status.  A student who fails to settle his or her fees may have his or her student status suspended after due notices.
  3. Probation for New Students.  All full-time students are placed on probation for one year (equivalent to 30 credits).  Their qualification to move to the next year depends on their performance in the first year.

An MBTS student is either a Full-Time or a Part-Time Student.  The status has to be declared at the beginning of study.  Any change in status must be made in writing and submitted to the Academic Office.  Whenever a change takes place, requirements and expectations will change as well. In this section, the categories of FULL-TIME, PART-TIME, SPECIAL STUDENTS, PRRC, and AUDITORS are discussed.

i. Full-Time Student.   The Basic Theological Programs and courses are designed with Full-Time studies at the Penang campus as reference.  Hence, those enrolled as Full-Time students follow the academic process from beginning to end, and will be able to complete their studies as planned.  Full-time students are given priority in offering of scholarships, work grants and privileges.  Residential students are Full-time students. The following further defines a Full-time student:
  • Considers studying at MBTS as priority and takes maximum study load.
  • Present on campus for the 4-day week during the academic term.
  • Involved in 16 hrs (or equivalent to 1 credit) of required courses per academic week.
  • Participates in the Community Life, Chapel services and other programs.
  • Participates in a one-hour a week Community Duty on Campus
  • Involved in weekly practical education.

ii. Part-Time Student.   A Part-Time student is one whose current vocational ministry, or work commitment, or family commitment prevents him or her from giving full attention to academic studies.  There are four types of Part-Time Students:
  • Part-Time Regular Campus students. These are those who come on campus regularly for courses but do not meet the criteria to be called Full-time.
  • Branch students, e.g., Klang Valley students. Often these students may come to the Penang campus for studies.
  • Modular students. These are students enrolled in programs that are offered in modules, e.g., HCD Program, Grad Dip Christian Counseling, Continuing Theological Education - M.A & M.Div. Programs, and Post-Graduate Programs (e.g., Th.M & D. Min).
  • Distance Learning students. These students complete up to 50 per cent of their program courses through electronic means.

iii. Special Students.   Special Students are on-campus students with special arrangement. These students will come under special care and supervision and will need to follow the rules set up for them.

iv. Pastors Renewal & Research Center (PRRC) Students.   Pastors, missionaries, and other full-time Christian workers may reside and study on campus under the PRRC category. These students are on 'sabbatical' and have covenanted to follow certain rules for their stay here.  They are "full-time" students but are guided by a different set of rules.

v. Auditors.   Auditors are those permitted to participate in courses and class sessions without intention of completing any assignments and not seeking credits. Normally, only a few auditors are allowed for each class, and they need to obtain prior permission to do so. Auditors must pay the required fee to participate.

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