This section clarifies the process of obtaining credit for courses at MBTS. The process begins with the student knowing his/her program requirements, registering for the required courses and completing the course requirements. The explanation of the process is given below under three headings:

1. Programs and Courses.   Students must know the requirements of their PROGRAMS, for example, Dip. Th. or B.Th or M.C.S.. Each Academic Program has COURSES which must be completed "successfully" for graduation. Courses with credits, either GPA or non-GPA, are what an academic program is all about. Students must make sure they complete all required courses according to standards demanded in their programs.
2. Course Registration.   A student registers for a course by doing the following:
  • a. Pre-register for a course to indicate interest in the course and to reserve a place for the course if it should be offered. To plan adequately for a course, the Administration must know the number of students signing up for a course. If there is no interest or lack of a minimum of number of students for a course, it may be cancelled. Students must Complete the required preliminary enrolment (pre-registration) carried out at the end of a term for courses scheduled for the next term.  Students must have final approval from the Academic Office for the courses they want to enroll; hence, each course enrollment must have the signature of the Academic Dean or his / her representative.

  • b. Register for a course in time (usually by the first week of each term) and pay the required fees. A student who does not register in time may not be given a place or when given a place, will not have priority in obtaining handouts. Students are responsible for identifying the required courses and completing the registration process.  

  • c. Registration Process:
               Complete appropriate Courses Registration Form
               Complete Fee Payment Form and make payment
               Show Receipt and Obtain Transcript Slips for all the courses, and
               Submit Transcript Slips to Class Monitors at the start of the courses. 

*Scholarship / Work Grant Students must also complete step (1) and (2) in order to obtain Transcript Slips; but they must obtain endorsement from the Treasurer / Academic Deans.

3. Course Closure.   A course officially comes to an end according to the deadline given in the Course Syllabus.  From the Academic Office perspective, no changes in any form will be considered on the Course after the course grades are submitted by the lecturer. 

4. Change of Course either to Audit or Drop Course
  • Change to Audit within 25% of class attendance. So a 16-hr class (1 credit) = within 4 hrs of class; a 32-hr class (2 credit) = 8 hrs of class attendance
  • Drop Course with Money Transfer to next course (no cash refund) possible only within 25% of class attendance
  • Drop Course with 50% of Money Transfer to next course will be given for 40% of class attendance
  • Change Course not allowed after 40% of class attendance without special permission for Academic Deans
  • All Changes of Course requires Submission of "Change of Course Form" with RM10.00 Fee

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