Maintaining Academic Standards
Penalty for failing a course - When a student fails a course, he/she is immediately placed on probation for one term.  In order to maintain good standing, a student must not fail in more than 4 courses in his entire seminary training.  No assistance in the form of a work grant will be given to a student who has failed a course in the preceding term.  A student who fails two or more courses in one term may be asked to terminate his or her studies.

Changing to a Lower Program of Study
Students seeking to change to a lower level of program of study must apply in writing to the Dean at least four months prior to the proposed termination of study.

Students applying for a transfer to a lower level of program of study will be asked to meet with their faculty supervisor and to prayerfully evaluate their request in the light of their original sense of call, current circumstances, level of preparedness, and sense of the Lord's leadership.  The faculty, as a policy, will encourage students to complete the program of study for which they were approved originally.

The faculty may consider the granting of a lower degree in exceptional cases when,
  1. Circumstances arise which providentially hinder the student from completing the original program of study; OR
  2. God clearly leads the student in a  different direction which does not require the level of preparation provided by the original program of study; AND
  3. The student demonstrates a level of maturity and preparedness so that the faculty is comfortable with granting Seminary certification (required but not sufficient without one of the above).
       The Faculty will definitely not consider the granting of a lower diploma or degree when,
  • The requirements of the original program of study are found by the student to be too difficult or inconvenient to complete, OR
  • The student becomes dissatisfied with the training that he is receiving at the Seminary.

Withdrawal from School
If a student withdraws from the Seminary without the approval of the Faculty, it will be considered a dismissal.  In the event a student must withdraw from the Seminary, all financial obligations must be met and permission obtained from the Seminary Administrator.  Otherwise the permanent record will reflect discredit which would prohibit reentrance.

Graduating from a Program
All graduating students should indicate their desire to graduate and apply to the Faculty through the Academic Dean for permission to graduate.  This is subject to the approval of the Board of Management.  They are expected to participate in the commencement service at the end of the school year.  Students will only graduate in absentia if they are residing outside Malaysia or due to circumstances beyond their control.

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