The D.Miss. is a professional doctoral degree designed to equip leaders and mission practitioners to participate in the mission enterprise with greater competence and effectiveness.

In the Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.) Program at Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, you will find a community of men and women from around the world who come to MBTS to prepare for ministry and leadership roles in missions.

This program integrates academic scholarship and in-context practice. By engaging in theological reflection, missiological thinking, and doctoral research the goal is to prepare leaders with a greater capacity to understand, analyze, and innovate as they serve in their respective cross-cultural ministries.

If you are involved in cross-cultural missions and wish to be better equipped, this program is for you.


We value both good academic scholarship and relevant missional practice.
We desire students to pursue academic excellence in the fields of theology, missiology, anthropology, and sociology that will inform practices in concrete ways. The emphasis is less on "what" to think and more on "how" to think. 

  • We believe in strongly engaging with issues emerging in the contemporary local and global contexts while drawing from our own rich historical contexts.  
  • We embrace diversity. We welcome voices from across all nations, ethnicities, and denominational affiliations. Our differences serve to enrich missional engagement.
  • We serve leaders who are adult learners. We encourage a healthy dialogical environment with mutual exchange of information and experience in our community of learning.


  • Master of Arts in Missiology or the Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary or the M.Div. equivalent; e.g., M.R.E. or M.A. degree with a minimum of thirty semester hours in Bible and theology.
  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of/equivalent to the letter grade "B" (3.0 on a 4.0 scale).
  • Demonstrate three years of significant service in a missions context.

The Doctor of Missiology

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The following seminars are required of all students in the D.Miss. program. A total of 45 credits are required in order to graduate.
Modular Seminars

- Research Design 1 (March-June) on campus in May*

- Cultural Studies (Nov-Feb) on campus in January

- Biblical and Theological Basis of Missions (March-June) on campus in May**

Online Seminars

- Missions Strategy in Asian Contexts (July-Oct)

- Christianity and Other Faiths (July-Oct)

- Missions History and Area Study (Nov-Feb)

Write-up Year

- Research Design 2 (Prospectus)



* Required for all first year students
** Required for all students beyond their first year. Students must complete all on-
campus courses within the first three years of study.

3 credits

6 credits

6 credits

6 credits

6 credits

6 credits

2 credits

10 credits

45 credits