History of MBTS D.Min Program

The vision of MBTS is to equip men and women to fulfill the task commanded in Eph 4:11-13 (“Preparing God's people for work of service so that the body of Christ may be built up and become mature”) and in Matt. 28:18 (“to make disciples of all nations”) by utilizing various resources through strategic partnerships. MBTS has been committed to this vision since 1954. MBTS launched its own Graduate School in 1999 and saw the first D.Min graduate in 2002. MBTS continues to strengthen its Graduate School Programs with the help of partner seminaries around the world (e.g., the three Southern Baptist seminaries in the USA, Southern BTS, Southwestern BTS, & Southeastern BTS)  and as a consortium member of the AGST  Alliance.

Program Description

The MBTS D.Min Program focuses on Pastoral Leadership. The broad focus is intentional as the program seeks to assist experienced (mature) Christian leaders develop personally and professionally. These individuals regard their leadership role from a pastoral perspective whether they are serving in a local church or in a Christian ministry organization. The program reflects the basic objectives of MBTS in that it seeks to strengthen the participants' biblical and theological foundations, deepen their spiritual lives, and enhance their skills in pastoral ministry.  With a pastoral leadership focus, the main seminars offered are in the areas of Pastor as Educator, Preacher, Missional Leader, Administrator and Mentor. Seminars on Spirituality, Pastoral Care, Bible and Theology are also part of the curriculum.  Participants are given 6 years to complete the program.

Program Objectives

*     Help the participants to develop academically.
*     Provide opportunities for the participants to explore in-depth a particular area of interest in ministry.
*     Guide the participants to work on personal issues faced at different life-stages so as to better know oneself and relate to others.
*     Guide the participants to grow in their spiritual lives.
*     Facilitate interaction between the participants for mutual encouragement .

Program Structure (with MDiv Entry Point)

*     Academic Seminars (7 seminars of 4 credits each = 28 credits): 
A total of 7 seminars are conducted in one cycle of the program. A minimum of two seminars are offered each year. Each Seminar consists of 5 days of class sessions with pre-seminar and post-seminar assignments. The number of seminars required for persons holding a Master of Theology will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

*     Personal & Spiritual Growth Requirement (4 credits):
A vital requirement of the D.Min program is the participants' willingness to be accountable for their personal growth. 
Each participant will work out a professional development plan with an assigned mentor and will be evaluated by an Annual Progress Review.

*     Graduation Requirement (13 credits): 
This requirement involves a thirty thousand (30,000) word Project or Dissertation (10 credits).
Participants will enroll in a Research Methodology seminar (3 credits) as pre-requisite for Project or Dissertation writing.

Admission Requirements

* Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution, with a grade point average of 3.3 (on a 4.0 scale).
* A minimum of three years of active Christian ministry after completion of the M.Div program or its equivalent.
* Successfully complete a 3-hour Entrance Exam evaluating the applicant's knowledge of the Bible, Theology, and Ministry.
* Attend a personal interview with the Director of the D.Min Program or an assigned officer.
* Submit a completed Application Form, official transcripts, letters of recommendations, and support letter from employer or supervisor.
* Submit a three thousand (3000) word essay on the vocational goals and reasons for pursuing the program.

Program Fees

* Tuition Fee per credit                        RM250.00
* Total Tuition Fee for 45 credits            RM11,250.00

* Application Fee                                     RM100.00
* Annual Student Fee                             RM200.00
* Graduation Fee (Gown not included)    RM400.00
* Thesis Binding Fee                                At Cost

Students need to include in their budget the following:
* Text books
* Travelling & Accommodation
* Research Cost for the Project or Dissertation
* Printing required for seminars or assignments


MBTS received the ATA accreditation for its Doctor of Ministry Degree in 2006. ATA evaluates MBTS  academic programs every 5 years.

Direction for Application

* Download Application forms from www.mbts.net.my
* Submit completed forms & supporting documents with an application fee of RM100.00
* Wait for reply and instructions regarding the interview and examination

Contact and Address

* Website: www.mbts.org.my
* Email for Enquiry: info.mbts@gmail.com
* Director of Graduate School: dean.mbts@gmail.com
The Doctor of Ministry (Pastoral Leadership)
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